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Where can I get more detailed information on the Government program for Breast Prosthesis?

Click here for your Application Information Sheet Breast Prostheses Grant (PDF).

Where can I get more detailed information on the Government program for Pressure Garments?

Click here for your Application Information Sheet Pressure Modification Devices Grant (PDF).

When can I start to wear a breast form?

This is a personal decision. Many women are ready for their fitting four to six weeks after surgery, with some coming in as early as three weeks after and others waiting up to three months. It depends on how quickly your body heals and when you feel you are ready. Make your appointment on your own terms.

What happens in my fitting?

You and your personal fitter will go into a private fitting room where you can discuss your situation and communicate your needs. Your fitter will ascertain your bra size and provide you with a selection of bras based on your requirements. She will then show you a selection of breast forms, which you will try in the bra. This process will enable you and your fitter to find the best prosthesis possible in size, shape and weight for your body.

How do I go about getting a breast form?

Come in to our store any time to purchase a breast form. We carry a variety of shapes, weights and sizes, including partial breast forms. We recommend you make an appointment, as your fitting may take up to one hour.

What kind of lingerie or bras can I look forward to after my surgery?

Not all women want or need to wear traditional surgical bras. In fact, the selection of traditional mastectomy bras has increased dramatically in recent years due to a high demand for smooth, comfortable t-shirt bras as well as prettier, lacy bras. Many of our customers began to wear beautiful lingerie only after their surgery!

What kind of swimsuit can I wear?

Swimming is a great exercise and our fitters will help you find the suit and swim form that is perfect for your body. Swimwear designers have realized the importance of providing suits for women with mastectomies, and the selection has never been better.

What does a breast form cost?

Silicone forms are subsidized by the Ontario Ministry of Health. As your purchase for a breast prosthesis is paid in full at the time of your fitting, we will supply you with the application for your OHIP reimbursement. Coverage for a full prosthesis is $195; coverage for a partial is $105. The balance may be claimed through private insurance or income tax reimbursements.

What if my prosthesis breaks?

Your prosthesis is under a two-year warranty with the manufacturer. If there is a fault with the prosthesis in the form of bubbles or separation, the manufacturer will replace it.

What am I eligible for?

You are eligible for a new prosthesis every two years should you need one.