Rediscover Beauty


Recovering from surgery comes with its own challenges.  We would like to help by providing you with comfortable clothing. We carry a variety of camisoles with drainage pouches and soft fiberfill foam prosthesis which can offer you a very comfortable solution for wearing immediately after surgery.  These are available in several sizes and the fiberfill inserts are adapted to fit you.


  • Ideal for post-surgery and leisure wear
  • Includes two fiber-filled breast forms and two detachable drain pouches
  • Inner shelf panel hold fiber-filled breast forms


Leisure Bra

  • Front closure cami-style
  • Ideal for women with limited upper body mobility, arthritis or lymphedema
  • Extended microfiber pockets


Leisure Bra in Cotton

  • Available in a variety of solid and print cotton fabrics
  • Ample coverage and support with front closure
  • Easy to wear after surgery


Shower Protector

  • Peace of mind showering keeps your PICC line safe and dry
  • Made of durable plastic with double-seal top and bottom elastic
  • Reusable