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By Dr Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem

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36 so they ran for refuge / traversed im. pl. you may 9 assist im. pl. you honor / 9 revere they give allegiance 10 to you === 1/2 === HALF JUZ === 1/2 === He gave you victory, 24 made (you) overcome 25 detained, debarred 25 you might kill them/ trample down 25 guilt 26 27 27 29 so she smote, struck 49 2 26 29 He has made it known 3 has tested destruction, perish by fg. : ٌ ْ ُ) 14 belittle you instigated, beautified 29 25 English 33 if they should have been separated / became apart zealotry, pride and haughtiness, heat and cant imposed, made them stick close ap.

76 10 distressful 11 and pleasure, joy 13 (heat of) sun 13 14 50 fg. frightened, wild 14 51 lion 15 Fount of all Godconsciousness Fount of all 56 forgiveness 3/4 -THREE QUARTERS OF JUZ - 3/4 56 7 8 10 xg. fg. accusing, reproaching dazed eyes, confounded and eclipsed, darkened, buried in darkness place to flee to, refuge 11 no refuge, no safety 15 his excuses, pleas 22 24 25 fg. radiant, resplendent, beam in brightness and beauty fg. sad, dismal, despondent overcast with despair fg.

Babble, drown the hearing never get tired pl. surrounding / encircling / thronging around == 1/4 === QUARTER JUZ ‫ === ر‬1/4 == 75 -40 3 10 15 18 32 37 one (who is) all bountiful Allah's aversion day of Mutual Meeting the day that is drwaing near day of mutual calling / summoning in ruin, loss === 1/2 === HALF JUZ === 1/2 === 44 I entrust / confide 58 and not those who do evil 71 chains 71 72 pv. pl. they are dragged pv. pl. are thrust / stocked -41 8 unending 3/4 -THREE QUARTERS OF JUZ 10 its sustenance 11 smoke 11 16 - 3/4 those who are obedient, willingly furious, roaring (wind) 16 of evil omen 19 pl.

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A Concise Dictionary of Quran by Dr Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem

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