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New PDF release: A Conversation with Martin Heidegger

By Raymond Tallis (auth.)

ISBN-10: 023051393X

ISBN-13: 9780230513938

ISBN-10: 1349427020

ISBN-13: 9781349427024

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Granted, also, that physical space can be domesticated as egocentric space, as ‘near to me’, ‘handy for me’, ‘just out of reach’, ‘just beyond my range of accurate throwing’, but it is apt to submit to these domestications precisely because of the constraints imposed by physical space. Thus while the discourses of physics may not give us ‘less handy’ and ‘more handy’, physical space, in the sense understood and analysed by physics, underpins ceteris paribus the difference between ‘less handy’ and ‘more handy’.

Through disclosedness this being (Da-sein) is ‘there’ for itself together with the Da-sein of the world. (BT 125) But I still feel that this gives only one side of the story. Certainly, what we might call the ‘deictic map’ of the world, which centres on an individualised ‘here’ surrounded by a layered ‘there’ (or ‘theres’), of the world of our living, the world of our preoccupations and doings and havings and sufferings, is founded in human Da-sein, and its spatiality is interpreted, experienced, initially in relation to this.

Da-sein exists (for you a very special word to which we shall return) in the world. Its being subsists in its being thrown (another very special word) into the world: being-in is not a ‘quality’ which Da-sein sometimes has and sometimes does not have, without which it could be just as well as it could with it. It is not the case that human being is, and then on top of that has a relation of being to the ‘world’ which it sometimes takes upon itself. Da-sein is never ‘initially’ a sort of being which is free from being-in, but which at times is in the mood to take up a ‘relation’ to the world.

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A Conversation with Martin Heidegger by Raymond Tallis (auth.)

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