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By Geoffrey Household

A vintage mystery set in Dorset after the second one international conflict, packed with Household's signature motion and suspense.

An afternoon's taking pictures within the nation turns out a delightful prospect to Roger Taine, a revered family members guy with a individual army list. but if he discovers a poacher on his land, he fires a caution blast that forestalls the intruder lifeless in his tracks.

Investigating extra, Taine inadvertently uncovers a new-fascist plot which he's decided to thwart. a sequence of auto chases, aeroplane drops and cross-country scrambles sharpen the secret, however the event takes a brand new twist whilst Taine discovers that he himself is being pursued by means of the police.

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It might be innocent, but it was near enough to the bone to put me on my guard. And that was as well, for, when we came to the car, there was the handsome, nervous face which I had last seen staring, for a split second, at the dead companion in the bramble bush. The man was leaning against Heyne-Hassingham’s car with a rather too conscious grace. He was in his early forties, lean, hard and able. I think that even then I spotted him as the type of staff officer whom one most dislikes but from whom one cannot withhold respect.

Law of averages. Sometimes they’re coming. Sometimes they’re going. Colonel, I have watched the face of every man who visits this hilltop. ” I asked. “Think they’d understand it, do you, ha? ” “Certainly. ” “Not here,” I said. “Why? ” “Or,” I answered, taking the gamble. I led him through the gate and over onto the steep western slope of the down. A narrow sheep path twisted into the heart of one of the clumps of furze, and opened out onto a patch of turf the size of a small room. There we were safe from observation, and overlooked the lower road that wound along the stream, past Blossom’s farm, from village to village.

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A Rough Shoot by Geoffrey Household

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