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Harry Henderson's A to Z of Computer Scientists. Notable Scientists PDF

By Harry Henderson

ISBN-10: 0816045313

ISBN-13: 9780816045310

This complete A-to-Z biographical dictionary explores the various staff of inventors, scientists, marketers, and visionaries within the laptop technology box. The state of the art, modern entries and knowledge at the computing device provide a glimpse into not just their force but in addition their demanding situations in making a new type of company and a brand new type of tradition.

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Frederick P. ” Available on-line. URL: http://www. edu/~brooks. Downloaded on October 31, 2002. ᨳ Burroughs, William S. (1855–1898) American Inventor Computers were not the first machines to change the way businesses were run. By the 1880s, the typewriter was starting to be used for preparing letters and reports. However, for bookkeeping, accounting, and other tasks involving numbers, the only tools available were ledgers, pens, and the ability to perform arithmetic by hand. But the late 19th century was an age of invention, and William Seward Burroughs would invent the first practical mechanical calculator to come into widespread use.

AOL became more profitable in 1993 and 1994, but in 1995 the company took a loss despite its growing revenues. This was because AOL had spent even more money on buying other companies and setting up new services than the $394 million it had taken in. With the company reaching 2 million subscribers that year, Wall Street investors remained confident that it would be profitable in the long term. Inc. magazine named Case an Entrepreneur of the Year in 1994. The rise of AOL was accompanied by growth pains, however.

Brooks, Frederick P. (1931– ) American Computer Scientist In the early days of computing (the late 1940s and early 1950s), most programming was done in a haphazard and improvised fashion. This was not surprising: Programming was a brand-new field and there was no previous experience to draw upon. However, as computers became larger and programs more complicated, programmers began to learn more about how to organize and manage their projects. Based on his personal experience writing the operating system for the IBM 360 computer, Frederick Brooks described the obstacles and pitfalls that often wrecked software development.

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