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Read e-book online Abdullâh Ibn Saba and Other Myths PDF

By as-Sayyid Murtadã al-‘Askarī (Translated by M. J. Muqaddas)

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Then Ibn Kathīr writes the complete story of ‘Abdullãh Bin Saba΄, including the Battle of Jamal. " 5) Ibn Khaldoon. The philosopher of the historians in his book 'al-Mobtada wal Khabar has mentioned Sabaian in the Events of House (martyrdom of ‘Othmãn) and Jamal. 457 he says: "This is the last word about Islamic succession, and of heretics conquerers and fights. After this there will be agreement and Assembly (al-Jamaat) amongst Muslims. " 6) Mohammad Farid Wajdi. 160, 168 and 169 tells us that his source of information is from Tabari (17).

L. ). " Hence the sources of the above two writers was Ibn Athīr. 3) Ibn Athīr (d. L. L. " The complete history book of Tabari (17) is the Muslims historical Bible — the only reliable book amongst Muslims who refer to it when any disputable subject is to be examined. Tabari has written many h a dīths (traditions) in different parts of his book, regarding one event; but I have rearranged these stories under a proper title and have chosen the most complete story for each event. With regard to the S a h ã bīs I have quoted their stories exactly as Tabari (17) has written them in his book, and except for the explanatory notes not interfering with the quotations.

254, talking about different denominations says; "At the end of ‘Othmãn's reign, some secret groups, scattered far and wide, rioted against ‘Othmãn, trying to rob him of power and give it to someone else. Amongst these groups some were soliciting support for Ali, the strongest force behind this movement in Basra, Kũfa and Damascus was ‘Abdullãh Bin Saba΄. He said; "Every prophet has a successor. " He insisted on this until ‘Othmãn was killed. "We are bound," says Ahmed Amin, "to discuss this story as three Muslim denominations came into being as a result of it.

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Abdullâh Ibn Saba and Other Myths by as-Sayyid Murtadã al-‘Askarī (Translated by M. J. Muqaddas)

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