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New PDF release: An Algebraic Geometric Approach to Separation of Variables

By Konrad Schöbel

ISBN-10: 365811407X

ISBN-13: 9783658114077

ISBN-10: 3658114088

ISBN-13: 9783658114084

Konrad Schöbel goals to put the principles for a consequent algebraic geometric remedy of variable Separation, that is one of many oldest and strongest easy methods to build detailed suggestions for the elemental equations in classical and quantum physics. the current paintings finds a stunning algebraic geometric constitution at the back of the recognized record of separation coordinates, bringing jointly an outstanding diversity of arithmetic and mathematical physics, from the overdue nineteenth century thought of separation of variables to fashionable moduli area thought, Stasheff polytopes and operads.

"I am rather inspired by way of his mastery of numerous suggestions and his skill to teach essentially how they have interaction to provide his results.” (Jim Stasheff)

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3 The 2nd integrability condition 43 As before, the restrictions on the vectors u, v, w and x can be dropped, which allows us to write this condition independently of x, u, v, w ∈ V as b2 b1 d 1 e 1 e 2 c2 d2 f2 g¯ij g¯kl S ikb1 b2 S jc2 d1 d2 + S ic2 b1 b2 S jd1 kd2 S lf2 e1 e2 = 0. 28) In order to simplify this condition we need the following two lemmas. For a better readability we will again underline indices which are antisymmetrised. 12. The first integrability condition is equivalent to b2 c2 d2 b1 d 1 g¯ij S ib1 kb2 + 2S ib2 kb1 S jc 2 d1 d2 = 0.

From a polarisation in x we then conclude that S = 0. The surjectivity of the above map now follows from dimension considerations. 5b) the proof is analogous and will be left to the reader. For actual computations the use of index notation is indispensable. We will write Greek indices α, β, γ, . . for local coordinates on M (ranging from 1 to n) and Latin indices a, b, c, . . for components in V (ranging from 0 to n). We can then denote both, the inner product on V as well as the induced metric on M , by the same letter g and distinguish them only via the type of indices.

This solves part (iv) of Problem I. 4: A juxtaposition between algebraic geometric properties of the KS variety on one side (such as singularities, projective lines and projective planes on the variety) and geometric properties of the corresponding Killing tensors on the other side. This solves part (i) of Problem III. 23: An identification of the St¨ackel systems in the KS variety. 38: An algebraic geometric description of the variety of St¨ackel systems with diagonal algebraic curvature tensor and a topological description of the classification space for separation coordinates on S3 .

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