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Reginald Hill's An April shroud PDF

By Reginald Hill

ISBN-10: 0586072616

ISBN-13: 9780586072615

Superintendent Dalziel falls for the lately bereaved Mrs Fielding's abundant charms, and needs to be rescued from a muddle of unpolluted corpses by way of Inspector Pascoe. After seeing Inspector Pascoe off on his honeymoon with a couple of ill-chosen phrases, Superintendent Andy Dalziel quickly runs into difficulty and water on his personal solitary vacation. Rescued via a number of a little pleased mourners, he accompanies them again to their rundown mansion to dry off. the landlord of Lake apartment, Bonnie Fielding, turns out much less afflicted by way of her husband's tragic dying than via the matter of saving the kinfolk fortunes. caused not just by means of a qualified interest but additionally through a extra own curiosity in Mrs Fielding's abundant charms, Dalziel remains on. by the point Pascoe reappears, there were a number of extra deaths and it seems like the in most cases hard-headed Dalziel may need compromised himself past redemption!

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He relapsed into a silence which plainly rejected breaking by any conventional social means. Dalziel walked along the water's edge a short way and stood inspecting the punt gun. It had been a formidable weapon, but looked very long disused. ), now it was rusty and dirty and a spider had spun a few hopeful strands across the muzzle. It began to rain and after a few moments he returned to the shelter of the car. The boatman ignored his invitation to join him and remained where he was, even his cigarette appearing impervious to the downpour.

PS. I don't mean you. I'll write when I'm settled. He turned it over. It was addressed to the boy's mother. Hank returned. ' asked Mavis. 'No. ' 'He always threatened to run away to sea,' said Louisa. ' said Mrs Fielding. 'Oh damn. I wish he hadn't taken the boat. ' volunteered Tillotson, a suggestion which drew derisive groans from everyone except Mrs Fielding and Mavis. And Dalziel too, though he groaned internally. 'Thank you, Charles, but no,' said Mrs Fielding. ' 'Not a sign,' said Uniff. 'See if you can find him and tell him Nigel's loose again.

His car was pointing west so that was the direction he chose. A few miles farther on he hit the north-south trunk road and was faced with another choice. North would take him to Lincoln which he ought to visit. But it was also the direction in which home and work lay and he had the feeling that once he started north he wouldn't stop till the anguished faces of Inspector George Headingley and his colleagues told him he was home. He turned south, spent ten minutes crawling in the blinding wake of a convoy of huge lorries and angrily turned off the main road and began to work his way back east along a network of narrow country lanes.

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An April shroud by Reginald Hill

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