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Adrian Goldsworthy's Caesar's Civil War 49-44 BC (Essential Histories) PDF

By Adrian Goldsworthy

ISBN-10: 0415968593

ISBN-13: 9780415968591

While Rome's maximum generals, Julius Caesar and Pompey the good, grew to become opposed to one another in forty nine BC, Rome was once plunged into civil battle. This ebook attracts on Caesar's personal account of the conflict to chronicle the vicious battles and their aftermath that eventually led to victory for Caesar in forty five BC.

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THE FIGHTING 27 This carved stone relief from Osuna in Spain shows an Iberian cavalryman. Spanish horsemen served on both sides during the Civil War It is hard to know whether they still employed traditional equipment or had adopted more Roman styles. (AISA) Caesar was isolated and severely outnumbered by the enemy. Pompey had had more than nine months to muster his forces, and by this time they amounted to nine legions, supported by over 5,000 light infantry and 7,000 cavalry. A further two legions under Scipio were on their way from Syria.

Pompey had left the battlefield almost as soon as his cavalry had been swept away. He had ridden back to his camp; instructing the guards there to maintain a careful watch, and then gone to his tent. Later, as the rout of his army became obvious, he laid aside his general’s cloak and left for the coast. If these accounts of his behaviour are accurate—and there must be some doubt, as they all come from hostile sources—his command at Pharsalus was remarkably spiritless, and his behaviour, being the first rather than the last to despair, utterly inappropriate for a Roman general.

Thus it seems that Scaeva went on to command a unit of Gallic auxiliary cavalry. The bold centurion described by Caesar would certainly seem an ideal candidate to act as chieftain for a group of such warriors. A former primus pilus of Legio X figures prominently in Caesar’s account of Pharsalus.

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