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Read e-book online The Cambridge Ancient History: The Last Age of the Roman PDF

By J. A. Crook, Andrew Lintott, Elizabeth Rawson

ISBN-10: 0521256038

ISBN-13: 9780521256032

Quantity IX of the second one version of The Cambridge historic historical past has for its major subject matter the method generally known as the ''Fall of the Roman Republic.'' Chapters 1-12 provide a story of the interval from 133 B.C. to the loss of life of Cicero in forty three B.C., with a prelude examining the location and difficulties of the Republic from the turning-point yr 146 B.C. Chapters 13-19 supply research of facets of Roman society, associations and concepts in the course of the interval.

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Domitius Ahenobarbus (cos. 122) and Q. Fabius Maximus (cos. 121) these operations were extended into a conquest of southern Transalpine Gaul. The Allobroges, north of the Isere, were attacked on the ground that they were harbouring a Salluvian chief and had made war on the Aedui, who were friends of Rome. The Arverni from the Cevennes were also drawn into this conflict, no doubt because their chief Bituitus claimed supremacy over the other tribes in the area. 11 As a result the Gauls as far as Toulouse were subjected to tribute; a Roman road was built along the old route from Emporiae to the Rhone; further, in 118 Domitius Ahenobarbus joined with a young orator, L.

This intervention can be explained by asserting that Roman interests were more directly involved than, for example, in Asia Minor before 150, but this increased involvement itself requires explanation. The spread of Roman administration to Africa in 146 and to Asia in 13 3 onwards (to which we will return) is clearly relevant. So too is the presence of Romans and Italians as private individuals in these areas. There is solid evidence for the settlement of Romans and Italians in Sicily and Spain; the evidence for their presence in other regions of the Mediterranean is more scattered but equally important.

Hostilius Mancinus, ended with the siege and destruction of Numantia at the hands of Scipio Aemilianus as consul in 134. (A full account of operations up to this point is to be found in Vol. vm, pp. ) All the Iberian peninsula except the far north-west was now subject to the Romans, at least formally. We have references to later fighting in Spain between 114 and 111 (the proconsul L. Piso Frugi being killed then), in 104—102 against the Lusitanians and from 98 to 93 against the Arevaci and Celtiberi under T.

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The Cambridge Ancient History: The Last Age of the Roman Republic, 146-43 BC by J. A. Crook, Andrew Lintott, Elizabeth Rawson

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