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New PDF release: Vanished

By Jaid Black

ISBN-10: 1843603357

ISBN-13: 9781843603351

ISBN-10: 1843603365

ISBN-13: 9781843603368

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Again. “You’re killing me here,” he rasped out even as he walked to the bed and palmed the globes of her luscious, round ass. ” “Oh I wouldn’t be stupid enough to try that,” she said with painful honesty. Not because she didn’t want to, he thought. Because she was afraid he’d live and retaliate. She released her pussy lips. Jesse lost his train of thought, mesmerized as he watched the small, slick folds softly close. He took his hands and opened them back up again and simply stared. Goddamn, he loved her cunt.

Thank you for understanding…” He liked bondage. He loved bondage. Jesse had never lied about that. But inflicting pain on another person? She could honestly say he didn’t seem the type to enjoy something like that. She could only recall one time he’d caused her to yelp and that had Jaid Black Vanished 45 been an inadvertent elbow to the ribcage when he turned quickly, not realizing she’d walked up behind him. He had apologized profusely. He had seemed more upset than she was. Lynne closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

I said we need to…” Jesse swallowed roughly when his gaze found Lynne. She had crawled up onto the bed and gotten herself in the doggy position. Ass up, head down. Holy shit. “…talk,” he softly finished. Jaid Black Vanished 32 His jaw clenched as he walked towards the bed. This was too much temptation for any man, let alone one with a high sex drive who had been inside a woman only twice in seven years—and one of those occasions had been this morning. Jesse’d been totally celibate for the past five years simply because there had been no choice in prison, or none he cared to experience anyway.

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Vanished by Jaid Black

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